Mama Body Tea- Baby Bliss Tea

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A beautiful blend for Breastfeeding Mamas and Bubbas

Gentle, natural and soothing for the tiniest bambino!

Baby Bliss Tea is Mama’s best-kept secret!

This blend of organic herbs contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A and C, Thiamine and Zinc and can help to settle babies and toddlers from symptoms of restlessness due to colic, wind and teething.

Created by a naturopath and herbalist, Baby Bliss Tea is suitable for breastfeeding Mamas and babies from a young age.

  • Eases symptoms of colic & wind in babies

  • Soothing from symptoms of teething

  • Calming and anti-inflammatory properties

  • Suitable for breastfeeding mothers babies and babies from a young age

Taste: Mild and Sweet

Ingredients: Chamomile Flowers, Fennel seed, Aniseed & Caraway

35 serves of loose leaf tea // 43grams


Infuse one teaspoon of Baby Bliss Tea for 7-10 minutes in a cup of hot water.  


Please note these are suggestions only. We advise contacting your health care practitioner before administering to your child.

Serve me lukewarm to cold via a dropper, bottle or sipper cup.

MAMAS HANDY TIP:  Prepare and pour a full strength tea into an ice cube tray and freeze.   Then pull the Baby Bliss cubes out as you need them, and just by adding a little boiling water, they dissolve quickly.
~ Great in the middle of the night!

Organic ingredients: Herbal tea made from Fennel seed, Chamomile flower, Caraway seed and Aniseed.

Box 44gms – Approx 35 serves

 NO caffeine, added flavours or sugar.

 *This product is a herbal tea it is not a substitute for breast milk or formula, nor a remedy or drug. We advise consulting a health care practitioner before administering to your baby/toddler.

Warning: Do not serve hot to infants.