Vintage Rattle- Baby Pink

Vintage Rattle- Baby Pink

  • $32.00

Vintage style with a modern twist!

Featuring soft silicone and sanded beech wood, our Vintage rattles feel as smooth as silk and make the most beautiful rattle sound! 

With two smooth sanded mini beech rings, two silicone rings and a silicone beaded feature ring, our vintage rattles are the perfect baby keepsake gift.


Beech Hard wood - Hard wearing and naturally anti-bacterial.

Silicone - BPA free, non-toxic and chewable 

Each vintage rattle is available unconditioned or conditioned by hand with our certified organic beeswax and coconut oil blend. The beeswax and coconut blend brings out the natural luster in the wood and also protects it against coatings of dribble!

Our vintage rattle designs are certified compliant with AS NZS 8124.